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Introducing American Wholesale Clothing's premium 100-pound clothing bales, your gateway to a world where fashion, affordability, and sustainability meet. Crafted with discernment and care in the USA, each bale is a curated collection of up to 200 summer items or 100 winter items, designed to cater to both seasonal demands and diverse fashion tastes.

Product Highlights:

  • Seasonal Selections: Choose from our Summer or Winter bales. The Summer collection can include up to 200 lighter pieces, while the Winter bale offers up to 100 heavier garments, ensuring you have season-appropriate attire year-round.
  • Variety and Quality in Every Bale: Experience a rich mix of fashion with a combination of branded and non-branded items, stylish designs, and various labels. From mall favorites to unique finds, each bale offers a broad spectrum of men's, women's, and children's clothing.
  • Guaranteed Quality Control: Each piece is meticulously hand-checked for quality, ensuring no holes, stains, or size issues. While human grading may include minor errors, our process is designed to ensure the highest standards of clothing integrity.
  • Sustainable Fashion Choice: By choosing our bales, you're not only getting great value but also supporting sustainable fashion practices, reducing waste, and promoting the reuse of clothing.
  • Pre-packed for Quick Delivery: All bales are pre-packed and ready for fast shipment, making it easy for you to receive and unpack your order without delay.

Perfect for Resellers and Fashion Enthusiasts: Whether you're a thrift shop owner, a boutique retailer, or an online reseller, our bales provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your inventory with high-quality, diverse, and seasonally appropriate items. Boost your sales with garments that attract and satisfy customers looking for both style and affordability.

Efficient, Nationwide Shipping: Your bale is carefully packaged and dispatched from our central location, complete with tracking information to ensure a smooth, timely delivery across the U.S.

Dive into the diverse world of fashion with American Wholesale Clothing's $500 bales. Each purchase promises not only superb variety and impeccable quality but also the thrill of discovering new wardrobe staples and hidden gems. Elevate your inventory or personal collection today and enjoy the blend of style, quality, and value that only we can offer!

Unlock Incredible Value with American Wholesale Clothing's Exclusive $500 Season

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  • What’s Inside Our $500 Clothing Bales?

    Broad Brand Spectrum: Each bale comes packed with popular mainstream brands you know and love from leading retailers like Macy's, JCPenney, and Kohl's. Expect to find items from Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Honester, Abercrombie & Fitch, Loft, and White House Black Market among others. While we focus on delivering great value and variety, please note that our bales do not include ultra high-end designer brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton, ensuring a more accessible range of clothing that appeals to a broader audience.

    Quality and Variety: We ensure each item within our 100-pound bales is hand-checked for quality. Our rigorous inspection process includes testing for holes, stains, and appropriate sizing, affirming that every piece is in wearable condition. Due to the nature of wholesale and recycled clothing, minor human grading errors may occur, but these are minimal and do not compromise the overall quality of the apparel.

    Tailored for Seasons: Depending on your needs, select from our summer or winter bales. Our summer bales are lighter, including up to 200 pieces such as T-shirts, shorts, and light dresses, providing excellent value and variety. Our winter bales, heavier in nature, contain up to 100 pieces like sweaters, jeans, and jackets, ensuring warmth and style in the cooler months.

    FAQs Addressed:

    • What brands are included? Brands akin to those found in popular department stores like Macy's and Kohl's, ranging from sports labels to casual and semi-formal wear.
    • Will I find luxury designer labels in the bale? Our focus is on mainstream, widely recognized brands, offering excellent quality and marketability without the inclusion of high-end luxury labels.
    • How is the clothing quality? All clothing is checked for quality assurance; we strive to include only items free of major wear and tear.

    Your Ideal Choice: Our clothing bales are perfect for resellers seeking to stock up on quality, branded inventory at a fraction of the cost or for individuals looking to expand their wardrobe with reliable and fashionable pieces. Embrace the sustainable choice with our meticulously curated selections that promise diversity and quality in every bale.

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