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Retail & Thrift Shop Restock Package

Keep your shelves full and your customers happy with our tailored Restock Package, designed specifically for retail, thrift, and vintage shops across the U.S. This package provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to replenish their inventory with high-quality second-hand clothing.

Product Details:

  • Quality: A curated mix of gently used, vintage, and nearly-new items, ensuring a range of styles and sizes suitable for a diverse clientele.
  • Contents: You can choose from general assortments or themed packs (like seasonal wear, designer brands, or specific eras of vintage clothing).
  • Pricing: Priced competitively to offer you the best value for bulk purchases.

Package Options:

  • Basic Restock: 500 items for $1,000
  • Standard Restock: 1,000 items for $1,800
  • Premium Restock: 2,000 items for $3,500


  • Customization: Options to tailor the contents based on your shop’s specific needs and customer demographics.
  • Volume Discounts: The more you buy, the more you save, making it easier to manage inventory costs effectively.
  • Marketing Support: We provide promotional materials and display ideas to help you market the new stock effectively.

Our Restock Package is the perfect solution for keeping your inventory fresh and exciting, driving traffic to your store, and increasing sales with minimal effort.

Retail & Thrift Shop Restock Package

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