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**American Wholesale Clothing: Premium AAA Quality - 40 FT Winter Mix Container**

**Executive Overview:**

American Wholesale Clothing is a premier provider in the global wholesale used clothing industry, delivering exceptional quality and comprehensive selections for seasonal apparel. Our AAA Quality 40 FT Winter Mix Container offers retailers an expansive inventory of high-end winter garments designed to meet the demands of sophisticated markets that require stylish, durable winter wear.

**Container and Product Specifications:**

- **Price per Bale:** $300
- **Items per Bale:** Approximately 200 meticulously selected winter garments and accessories.
- **Total Bales per 40 FT Container:** Up to 420 bales, enabling extensive coverage and variety in your winter product line.
- **Total Investment for Full Container:** $126,000

**Contents and Quality Assurance:**

Our AAA Quality Winter Mix Container is packed with premium men’s and women’s winter clothing from some of the most trusted brands in outdoor and fashion apparel. Each item is rigorously inspected to ensure top quality, making sure that all garments are free of any defects and are in excellent sellable condition.

**Inventory Breakdown:**

- **Men’s Apparel:** This includes high-quality, rugged winter jackets, insulated coats, heavy wool sweaters, and thermal wear from leading brands such as Canada Goose, The North Face, and Carhartt.
- **Women’s Apparel:** Consists of luxurious winter coats, fashionable cashmere sweaters, elegant wool scarves, and high-performance thermal leggings from designers like Burberry, Chanel, and Patagonia.
- **Accessories:** Includes a variety of winter essentials such as knit hats, leather gloves, and thermal socks, all chosen to complement the clothing selections and provide additional warmth and comfort.

**Financial Overview and ROI:**

The 40 FT container, with approximately 84,000 items (200 items x 420 bales), offers a cost-effective solution at just about $1.50 per item. This competitive pricing, coupled with the high resale potential of premium brands, ensures significant profit margins and an attractive ROI for high-end retail environments.

**Logistics and Shipping:**

American Wholesale Clothing provides full logistics support for worldwide shipping, ensuring that your container is transported securely and efficiently. We manage all aspects of shipping, including customs documentation and clearance, to facilitate a smooth delivery process to your designated location.

**Client Support and Strategic Partnership:**

We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. To this end, we offer dedicated support and personalized consulting calls to discuss your specific needs, adapt orders to market demands, and ensure you are fully satisfied with our products and services.


"The quality and diversity of the Winter Mix from American Wholesale Clothing have made a significant impact on our seasonal sales. The luxury and performance wear segments have especially seen tremendous growth." - Elena S., Boutique Owner, Sweden


Investing in American Wholesale Clothing’s 40 FT AAA Quality Winter Mix Container positions your business to capitalize on the winter season effectively. With our premium selection, you can enhance your inventory, attract discerning customers, and stand out in the competitive luxury retail market.

For further details, to explore investment opportunities, or to schedule an in-depth consultation, please reach out to us. We are committed to your success and look forward to contributing to your business growth this winter season.

Premium AAA Quality - 40 FT Winter Mix Container

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