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**American Wholesale Clothing: Premium AAA Quality - 20 FT Winter Mix Container**

**Executive Overview:**

American Wholesale Clothing, a leader in the global wholesale used clothing market, specializes in providing high-quality, seasonally appropriate apparel that meets the needs of diverse retail environments. Our AAA Quality 20 FT Winter Mix Container is specifically designed for retailers aiming to offer their customers premium, stylish winter apparel that performs well in colder climates.

**Container and Product Specifications:**

- **Price per Bale:** $300
- **Items per Bale:** Approximately 200 high-quality winter garments and accessories.
- **Total Bales per 20 FT Container:** Up to 220 bales, perfectly suited for a comprehensive winter inventory.
- **Total Investment for Full Container:** $66,000

**Contents and Quality Assurance:**

The AAA Quality Winter Mix Container is filled with a carefully curated selection of men’s and women’s winter clothing. We source from renowned brands known for their durability and style to ensure your offerings stand out in the marketplace. Our rigorous inspection process guarantees that all items meet our high standards, ensuring they are free from defects and ready for sale.

**Inventory Breakdown:**

- **Men’s Apparel:** Includes high-quality winter jackets, coats, woolen sweaters, thermal wear, and durable trousers from top brands such as The North Face, Columbia, and Patagonia.
- **Women’s Apparel:** Features stylish winter coats, designer sweaters, elegant scarves, and thermal leggings from respected labels like Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors.
- **Accessories:** Comprises essential winter accessories such as gloves, hats, and scarves, designed to complement the clothing items and offer additional warmth and style.

**Financial Overview and ROI:**

With an investment in our 20 FT AAA Quality Winter Mix Container, each item's cost is exceptionally economical at about $1.50, given the 44,000 items it contains (200 items x 220 bales). The resale value of these premium items can significantly exceed the cost, providing substantial profit margins ideal for luxury and high-end markets.

**Logistics and Shipping:**

We offer global shipping with comprehensive logistics support to ensure that your winter clothing container is delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. Our logistics team handles all shipping arrangements and customs documentation, ensuring a hassle-free delivery process to your specified location.

**Client Support and Strategic Partnership:**

Our commitment to supporting your business extends beyond just supply. We offer live consultations to help tailor your order to specific market needs, discuss any logistical concerns, and ensure you are fully prepared for the winter season sales. Our goal is to build a lasting partnership that helps you thrive in the competitive retail landscape.


"American Wholesale Clothing’s Winter Mix has transformed our winter season offerings. The quality of the garments and the selection of accessories have received excellent feedback from our customers." - David L., Retail Chain Manager, Canada


Choosing American Wholesale Clothing’s 20 FT AAA Quality Winter Mix Container allows you to diversify your product offerings with high-quality, stylish winter apparel that meets the demands of your discerning customers. This strategic investment not only enriches your inventory but also enhances your brand's reputation for quality and style.

For more detailed information, investment opportunities, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us. We look forward to helping you succeed in the winter apparel market.

Premium AAA Quality - 20 FT Winter Mix Container

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