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Mix of Vintage and Modern T-Shirt Box

Dive into the best of both worlds with our Mix of Vintage and Modern T-Shirt Box, curated to satisfy those who adore timeless designs as well as contemporary trends. Each box features a handpicked selection of t-shirts that capture the essence of past and present fashions.

Product Details:

  • Quality: Each t-shirt is carefully inspected to ensure great condition, with vintage shirts offering a classic worn-in feel without significant damage.
  • Contents: A blend of vintage and modern t-shirts, featuring everything from retro band tees to current graphic designs.
  • Pricing: Starting at just $7 per t-shirt.

Box Options:

  • Explorer Pack: 10 t-shirts for $70
  • Enthusiast Pack: 20 t-shirts for $140
  • Collector’s Pack: 50 t-shirts for $350
  • Ultimate Pack: 100 t-shirts for $700

Ideal For:

  • Fashion enthusiasts who appreciate both the nostalgia of vintage and the freshness of modern aesthetics.
  • Individuals looking to diversify their wardrobe with unique pieces.
  • Retailers and vendors seeking to offer a special mix in their lineup.

Enjoy a carefully curated collection that bridges the gap between eras, perfect for expanding your style horizons or giving a thoughtful gift to a fashion lover.

Mix of Vintage and Modern T-Shirt Box

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