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American Wholesale Exclusive Offer: 100 lb AAA Summer Clothing Bales


Discover Premier Fashion with Unmatched Quality!

Step up your retail game with American Wholesale’s elite 100 lb AAA Grade Summer Clothing Bales, meticulously curated to enrich your store's collection with top-tier fashion. Ideal for discerning retailers who aim to offer their customers renowned brands at incredibly attractive prices.

Why Our AAA Grade Bales?

  • Exclusive AAA Quality: Each AAA bale contains 100 lbs of mixed adult clothing, all in excellent condition. Expect to find high-end items from luxury brands such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Polo Ralph Lauren, ensuring that your inventory reflects the epitome of fashion and quality.

  • Varied Selection: Our bales include a diverse assortment of summer must-haves such as T-shirts, lightweight jackets, dresses, shorts, and more. Each item is carefully selected to cater to the stylish preferences of your customers during the warm season.

  • Incredible Retail Potential: The superior quality of AAA-grade items allows for significant markup potential. Equip your store with premium brands that attract fashion-savvy shoppers looking for great deals on high-end clothing.

  • Retail-Ready Condition: Every garment within our bales is free from significant wear or defects, ready to be sold and loved anew. Stock your shelves with confidence, knowing each piece meets our highest standards of quality and appeal.

Emotional Appeal: Envision unboxing a treasure trove of premium brands and pristine garments, each with the potential to thrill a customer or become a highlight of their wardrobe. With American Wholesale, you’re not just replenishing your stock; you're curating an exquisite collection that promises style, savings, and satisfaction. Elevate your store's status and become a destination for high-quality, affordable fashion.

Act Now for Exclusivity and Excellence: Demand for our AAA grade bales is consistently high, and supply is limited. Place your order today to ensure your inventory stands out this summer. Give your customers the quality they seek at prices they can afford.

Contact Us: Explore more at or call us at (407) 967-2875 to secure your premium clothing bales and start transforming your business with exceptional fashion finds!

American Wholesale Exclusive Offer: 100 lb AAA Summer Clothing Bales

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