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American Wholesale Exclusive Bulk Offer: 40 ft Container of AAA Summer Mix Clothing Bales

Maximize Your Inventory with Premier Bulk Fashion Deals!

Dive into the ultimate bulk purchase opportunity with American Wholesale’s 40 ft container, loaded with 400 AAA Grade Summer Clothing Bales. This offer is perfect for large retailers, wholesalers, and distributors looking to stock up on high-quality apparel for the summer season at an exceptional value.

What You Get in the 40 ft Container:

  • 400 AAA Grade Bales: Each bale weighs 100 lbs and is packed with top-quality, mixed adult clothing. With a total of 40,000 lbs of clothing, this container is a treasure trove of fashion.

  • Elite Brand Mix: Each bale includes premium items from elite brands such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Polo Ralph Lauren. These are complemented by versatile, everyday wear from trusted mid-tier brands like Old Navy, Hollister, and Aeropostale.

  • Summer Ready: Gear up for the summer with a mix of T-shirts, shorts, lightweight dresses, and jackets—each item chosen to cater to the season's needs and fashion trends.

  • Unbeatable Price: Priced at only $300 per bale, this bulk offer provides significant savings, allowing you to maximize your markup potential while offering your customers unbeatable deals on high-end fashion.

Exceptional Quality and Value: Each item within our AAA-grade bales is in excellent condition—carefully selected and inspected to ensure no significant wear. This meticulous selection process guarantees that you receive only the finest garments, ready for retail right out of the box.

Emotional Appeal: Imagine the impact of unveiling a vast array of high-quality, designer brands in your store, each piece reflecting a commitment to fashion and sustainability. By choosing American Wholesale, you empower your business with a cost-effective solution to upscale retailing. You're not just buying clothes; you're investing in a vision of affordable luxury that will attract style-conscious shoppers and set your store apart.

Bulk Purchase Benefits:

  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Purchasing a full container simplifies supply chain management, ensuring you have a steady supply of high-quality stock.
  • Enhanced Profit Margins: With competitive bulk pricing, your investment is optimized for maximum profitability.

Act Now to Transform Your Inventory: This exclusive bulk offer is in high demand and availability is limited. Secure your 40 ft container today to capitalize on the summer shopping season and elevate your inventory with styles that sell.

Contact Us: For more details or to place your order, visit or call us at (407) 967-2875. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to enrich your offerings with premium, affordable fashion!

American Wholesale Exclusive Bulk Offer: 40 ft Container of AAA Summer Mix

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