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American Wholesale Clothing's 20ft Container Export of Used Clothing

Discover the superior quality and exceptional value of American Wholesale Clothing's 20ft container, packed with 200 boxes of premium, high-grade used clothing for global export. Our expertly curated containers provide a diverse selection of apparel, designed to meet the varied needs of international markets.

Contents Overview

Each 20ft container contains 200 boxes or bales of meticulously sorted and graded clothing. This includes:

  • AAA Clothing: $300 per lb — Our top-tier selection features premium-quality garments in like-new condition, offering an upscale retail experience without the high price tag.
  • AA Clothing: $150 per bale or box — This mid-quality range includes well-maintained apparel that shows minimal signs of wear, suitable for a broad audience.
  • Grade A Clothing: $75 per box or bale — A budget-friendly option, these well-used items are still in acceptable condition for sale, showing visible signs of wear but maintaining functionality.

Quality and Condition

  • AAA Grade: Like new, these clothes are nearly indistinguishable from brand new items, often including overstock or pieces with minimal use.
  • AA Grade: Medium quality, these garments are gently used, offering good condition with more noticeable signs of wear.
  • Grade A: Visibly used but intact, these pieces are perfect for value buyers interested in functional and affordable clothing options.

Composition and Variety

Our clothing selections cater to both men and women, primarily focusing on adult summer apparel. The boxes are a mixed assortment, ensuring a rich variety of styles and sizes to suit different tastes and preferences:

  • Premium Brands: Including but not limited to Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, and Fila.
  • Mid-Tier Brands: Such as Hollister, Aeropostale, Levi's, and Converse.
  • Economic Brands: Featuring George from Walmart, Target, and similar lines.

Customization and Client Specifications

We understand that each market has its unique needs and preferences. Therefore, we offer customization options based on product quality, seasonal requirements, and client-specific needs. Clients can specify their preferences for the mix of grades within each container, ensuring the product selection precisely aligns with their market’s demands.

Shipping and Handling

Each 20ft container is prepared with the utmost care, ensuring safe and secure packaging to prevent any damage during transit. We manage all logistics from our facility directly to your specified delivery location, providing a seamless and hassle-free import experience.

Ideal Use

This container is perfect for:

  • International retailers seeking to expand their inventory with high-quality used clothing.
  • Wholesalers and distributors looking for a reliable supply of graded used garments.
  • Businesses aiming to provide affordable clothing options to cost-conscious consumers.

American Wholesale Clothing is committed to delivering excellence and value to our clients worldwide. With our 20ft container of used clothing, you gain access to a sustainable source of fashion that supports both economic and environmental goals.

Enhance your product offerings with American Wholesale Clothing and tap into the potential of premium, used apparel today.

American Wholesale Clothing's 20ft Container Export of Used Clothing

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