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Credential Clothing Information

Definition: Credential clothing refers to original, unsorted clothing donations, collected directly from the public. It's called "credential" because these items come with the "credentials" of not being picked over or sorted. They represent the first and truest snapshot of what the public donates.

Contents: Credential clothing can include a wide variety of items:

  1. Clothing: Dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts, blouses, jackets, coats, etc.

  2. Accessories: Hats, belts, scarves, gloves, handbags, ties, etc.

  3. Footwear: Shoes, sandals, boots, slippers, etc.

  4. Home Textiles: Blankets, bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers, tablecloths, etc.

Quality: The quality of items in credential clothing can vary extensively since these are unsorted donations:

  1. Reusable Clothing: Items in wearable condition without significant wear or tear.

  2. Recyclable Textiles: Articles not fit for wear but can be processed for other uses.

  3. Damaged Items: Stained, torn, or otherwise damaged articles.

  4. Non-textile items: Sometimes, non-textile items or non-clothing items might be mixed in, as the collection is not yet sorted.

Sourcing: Credential clothing is sourced directly from:

  1. Charitable Donations: Items donated by individuals to charitable organizations or collection bins.

  2. Household Collections: Direct collection from households.

  3. Drop-off Bins: Collection bins strategically located in community areas, supermarkets, or parking lots.

Pricing: Credential clothing is typically sold in bulk by weight. Pricing can be influenced by the general quality, regional differences in donations, or the reputation of the source.


  1. Resale: After sorting, wearable items can be sold in second-hand stores or thrift shops.

  2. Export: Many items, post sorting, can be exported to other countries where there's demand for second-hand clothing.

  3. Recycling: Items not fit for wear are sent to textile recyclers.

  4. Upcycling or Craft: Some items may be repurposed into other products, crafts, or designs.

Environmental Impact: Credential clothing, like other forms of textile recycling and reuse, plays a key role in sustainability:

  1. Waste Reduction: Reusing and recycling textiles helps reduce the volume of waste going to landfills.

  2. Resource Conservation: It minimizes the need to produce new textiles, conserving energy, water, and raw materials.

  3. Pollution Control: Reducing the need for new textile production also reduces pollution and carbon emissions associated with manufacturing.

Note: For those looking to purchase credential clothing, it's crucial to understand that these are unsorted donations. The quality and type of items can vary widely from one batch to another.

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Authenticity at Its Core: Discover Credential Clothing

In the world of recycled and reused fashion, authenticity is paramount. Credential Clothing stands as a testament to genuine, untouched, and unsorted donations. It's fashion in its rawest form, untouched by any commercial grading process, and resonates with a story unique to each item.

Why Choose Credential Clothing?

  1. Pure Authenticity: These garments haven't been cherry-picked or processed. They're direct from donors, ensuring each piece retains its original charm.

  2. Sustainable Choice: By opting for credential clothing, you support a sustainable cycle of fashion, promoting the reuse of garments and reducing environmental impact.

  3. Diverse Assortment: Experience a wide array of styles, eras, and fabrics. From vintage finds to modern essentials, the surprise element is ever-present.

  4. Quality Guarantee: Despite being unsorted, we ensure that the collected clothing is from reputable sources, thus maintaining a standard of quality.

Details to Note:

  • Source: Directly collected from donation bins, charity drives, and collection centers.

  • Condition: As-donated state, without any alterations or grading.

  • Packaging: Securely packed to ensure the safety and integrity of the garments during transportation.

Shipping & Procurement:

  • Ready Stock: We maintain a substantial inventory, ensuring that orders can be dispatched promptly.

  • Flexible Quantities: Whether you're a small business or a large distributor, we can cater to orders of all sizes.

  • Delivery: Our logistic partnerships guarantee timely and safe delivery to your doorstep.

Dive into the World of Credential Clothing:

Navigate to our “Place Your Order” section, specify your requirements, and immerse yourself in the raw essence of authentic fashion donations.


Q: Can I preview the contents of my order? A: Credential clothing is characterized by its unsorted nature. While we can provide general information, the exact contents remain a delightful surprise until unboxing.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of credential clothing? A: Our collection sources are reputable and trusted, ensuring the quality and genuineness of every garment.

Queries or Clarifications?

Our dedicated team, passionate about sustainable fashion cycles, is here to assist. Connect with us for a deeper dive into the world of Credential Clothing.



Order Premium Credential Clothing from American Wholesale

At American Wholesale, we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality credential clothing straight from the USA. Each of our trailers is loaded with up to 44,000 lbs, ensuring you get the bulk quantities you need.

Why Choose Our Credential Clothing?

  • Quality Assured: Our clothing items are sourced directly and packed meticulously to maintain their premium quality.

  • Bulk Packaging: Each bale we deliver weighs 100 lbs, making it convenient for both storage and distribution.

  • Competitive Pricing: Reach out to us to get the latest pricing details. We offer some of the best rates in the market, ensuring you get value for your money.

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